LibDemlogo_black_EPS_NO_strapline-small.pngEaling Covid-19 is an initiative of Ealing Liberal Democrats. It is non political and is intended to provide a central resource for residents for advice and how they can help.
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Set up by Ealing Liberal Democrats Ealing Covid 19 is a central resource to help everyone easily access clear information both locally and nationally. Ealing's residents are well known for their community spirit, we also show you how you can contribute including the many organisations that could use your help.

Latest additions to the site.

them_delivery.jpgShops Delivering

There are a number of shops doing home delivery with reasonable schedules.

Pharmacy_Green_Cross.jpgChemists Delivering

Need your medication delivering? Check out our list of chemists who are doing home delivery.

Health-Workers-PPE.jpgPPE Appeal

The council urgently needs PPE equipment. Click to find out what they need and how you can donate.

GP-sign.jpgAdvice for Parents

Not sure if you should be calling 111 or going to the hospital with your child? Check out GP's advice for parents.

thm_car-pollution.jpgAir Pollution

A silver lining to the current crisis is that air pollution has decreased dramatically. Check the graphs for all the air quality testing stations in the borough since the beginning of the year.

thm_dog-cat.jpgCaring For Your Pet

How to keep your pet healthy and happy.



Sadly con artists are trying to take advantage. Check out the latest information.

thm_peardrops.jpgFresh Meals

Fresh nutritious meals delivered daily by the Pear Tree pub and catering company in Fulham are now available in Ealing. Only £3.95. Order for yourself or for someone else.

thm_Deliveries.jpgInstructions for Delivery People

It can be a bit of a worry making sure that deliveries are left for you correctly. Download our handy delivery sign. Print it out, select the option you require and fix to your door.


Many people have remarked at how traffic free the streets are. Sadly this has meant that some people are not being diligent at keeping their speed down. Police forces around the country have found this to be a problem. Pedestrians and in particular children may not be as car aware as they might otherwise have been. Keep your speed down, speed kills!

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